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Keiko's special moves issue commands to her demonic cat Q, in the style of JJBA or P4A. Keiko is moved normally, while dash is used to move Q.



Input Move Description Frame Data Hit/Block stun Notes
Dpad none.png
Buttons a.png
K5A.png Jab
4 4 3
Dpad none.png
Buttons b.png
K5B.png Keiko attacks using her magic.
7 12 4
Dpad down.png
Buttons a.png
K2A.png Keiko flicks out magic.
5 9 4
16 Low
Dpad down.png
Buttons b.png
K2B.png Keiko slaps the ground and sends out magic.
6 16 10
KD / 17 Low, Knockdown, Juggles.
Dpad up.png
Buttons a.png
KJA.png Keiko flicks out magic.
7 11 7
Dpad up.png
Buttons b.png
KJB.png Keiko attacks below her using magic.
9 13 7
20 Can Crossup.


The input window to change direction on Keiko's throws is smaller than the other characters, to allow an easier time using Q's specials to combo.

Input Move Description Frame Data Notes
Dpad right.png
Buttons b.png
Forward Throw Hits the opponent, then throws them forward.
2 - 26
Dpad left.png
Buttons b.png
Backward Throw Hits the opponent, then throws them backward.
2 - 28


Keiko does not have a dash, the input instead moves Q.

Input Move Description Frame Data Notes
Dpad right.png
Dpad none.png
Forward Dash Q hops forward.
- - 30
Distance: K66.png Q is vulnerable and inactionable for the whole move.
Dpad left.png
Dpad none.png
Back Dash Q hops back
- - 30
Distance: K44.png Q is vulnerable and inactionable for the whole move.


All of Keiko's specials are performed by Q. Q is invincible while attacking. If Q is detonated she can no longer access these specials.

Input Move Description Frame Data Hit/Block stun Notes
Dpad down-right.png
Buttons a.png
K3A.png Q transforms into a maw and bites down.
10 29 47
KD / 16 Q moves forward during the attack. Juggles. Knockdown.
Dpad down-right.png
Buttons b.png
K3B.png Q transforms and slams downward.
57 3 47
KD / 16 Overhead. Knockdown.
Dpad down-left.png
Buttons a.png
K1A.png Q transforms into a bed of thorns.
24 6 46
KD / 16 Low. Knockdown.
Dpad down-left.png
Buttons b.png
K1B.png Q transforms into a pillar of tentacles.
10 48 47
KD / 16 Knockdown. Juggles.

Rumble Meter[edit]

Keiko's meter is Q's Life Bar. Q can take 8 hits before being Knocked Out, or Keiko can use AB to burst Q. Q does not regenerate until the next round.

Input Move Description Frame Data Hit/Block stun Notes
Dpad none.png
Buttons ab.png
KAB.png Q blows itself up.
- 24 -
KD / 8 Kills Q. Hits instantly. Knockdown. Juggles.

Overhead when player 2 uses it for some reason




j.A or j.B > 5A > 5A

j.A or j.B > 5A > 5A > 1B > 2B - 5A can be added if the 2B hits on the last frame or two

j.A or j.B > 5A > 5A > 1B > 2B > AB > 2B - 5A can be added if the 2B hits on the last frame or two

Throw > 1B > 5A or 2A or 2B - Ender depends on when the 1B hits

Throw > 1B > 2B > AB > 2B - 5A can be added if the 2B hits on the last frame or two



Keiko is a unique character who isn't very strong on her own, but in combination with her cat, Q, can be deadly in the right hands.

Keiko's normals are not super notable besides the fact that they have very long active frames, which can lead to interesting setups and combos. Her 5B can be used to trade with opponents pokes in neutral due to said long active frames, but that is only advantageous when at a life lead. Her 2B is slightly faster, longer, and more active than 5B but it is unsafe on block


5B doesn't have the best hitbox for anti-airs, but it does have a long active time that can make it good for catching the j.A hitbox of more spaced out jumps.

j.A is Keiko's best solo anti-air, but it can be hard to beat jump in normals with it.

1B is a big vertical hitbox that comes out of Q that can even be used after blocking or getting hit by a jump in normal. The only caveat is that Q needs to be set up for it to be effective.

The key to mastering Keiko and Q is learning the uses and nuances of Q's moves to be able to keep Q alive and position them safely.

3A is a slower but safer way to move Q forward. while dashes are only 30 frames, Q is completely vulnerable, so using 3A to move Q through fireballs is useful. 3A also is very useful on offense since it has the most range. Using 3A from a range so it hits on a late active frame can allow Keiko time to move in while the opponent is waiting to block it.

3B gives Q the most invulnerability frames, and is great at getting an opponent to retreat or stay still in anticipation of the overhead. It is also the best way Keiko can mix the opponent up by sneaking in a low right before it hits... or not. Utilizing the delayed attack and massive amount of invulnerability frames for Q is vital in stalling for time if Keiko is knocked down and Q is defenseless. Keep in mind that Q's attack inflict little block-stun, so other specials are easy to punish after blocking. 3B gets around this by having a very late attack, maximizing the time the opponent is stuck while Q is vulnerable.

1A is Q's least committal attack and is also a low, which can be used while Keiko is jumping in to surprise an opponent.

1B has the tallest hitbox, and also launches the highest, making it the best for combos and anti-airs. it is also Q's fastest attack, and is done from the down back position, making it the best for using it during the block-string or combo of the opponent.

AB is useful either as a combo extender when the combo will kill, or as a last-ditch defensive option if Q is knocked down and about to die. it can also be used to chip KO the opponent right after another special is blocked by them, since it can be used during the recovery frames of another Q special.

When knocked down, Keiko by herself has no options, which can be a big issue in many matchups. Despite that, Keiko's defense is stellar if Q is alive, since as long as Q is in range of the opponent and not knocked down, any offensive option they take can be hit by Q, even is Keiko is knocked down or being hit.

Keeping Q alive is a difficult task. Q is invulnerable during the startup and active frames of attacks, so keeping Q busy is a good way to keep them out of harms way as long as Keiko is there as backup. Unlike other puppet characters, Keiko and Q cannot take hits for each-other, and one attack will hit both of them if it can, so keeping Q extra far back when going on the defensive is advised.

Another important skill when playing Keiko is being able to turn stray hits into combos by getting Q in the right position to capitalize on a recently hit opponent.


  • Q downForwardA: increased pushUp
    • Q specials: +10 recovery
    • Q hurt: +10 hitstun
    • Q hurtbox: increased width
    • Q downForwardA: -2 active, +2 recovery
    • Q downForwardB: -6 active, +6 recovery
    • Q downBackB: decreased pushUp
    • LowB: increased attackbox height
    • Backthrow: -3 recovery
    • Q now gets stunned for 30 frames longer
    • Q can now be hit on knockdown
    • Q now is pushed back by either side of enemy attack
    • Q knocked down has a lower hurtbox height than standing
    • lowB: -2 active, +2 recovery
    • DownForwardA: significantly reduced pushup
    • DownBackB: -4 startup, +4 active
    • NeutralAB: increased width, can now be done anytime Q is not attacking
    • DownForwardB: preblock starts later
    • StandB: increased pushback
    • Fixed downBackA being unblockable from certain positions
  • All specials -10 startup
    • Throw animations now in, frame data has changed
    • Q no longer gets hit by inactive projectiles
    • Cat can now get hit on it's wakeup
    • DownBackA attackbox is now lower to the ground
  • Added as a playable character