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Hector keeps opponents at bay with the long reach of his katana. His specials cost life, but he can restore it using his meter. Hector's dash is a high speed ground crossup, while his backdash is more of a counter attack.



Input Move Description Frame Data Hit/Block stun Notes
Dpad none.png
Buttons a.png
4 4 3
Dpad none.png
Buttons b.png
11 6 24
KD / 18 Extends Hector's Hurtbox. External Hitbox.
Dpad down.png
Buttons a.png
5 4 15
12 Low.
Dpad down.png
Buttons b.png
8 5 27
KD / 13 Low, knockdown. External Hitbox.
Dpad up.png
Buttons a.png
8 4 7
14 High
Dpad up.png
Buttons b.png
11 7 7
22 High, Can cross up, External Hitbox.


Input Move Description Frame Data Notes
Dpad right.png
Buttons b.png
Forward Throw Hits the opponent, then throws them forward.
2 - 10
Can reset cornered opponent with Jab afterward.
Dpad left.png
Buttons b.png
Backward Throw Hits the opponent, then throws them backward.
2 - 7


Hector's Dashes are also attacks. They cost 1 HP to use, like his specials and are able to inflict chip damage.

Input Move Description Frame Data Hit/Block stun Notes
Dpad right.png
Dpad none.png
H66.png Shoots forward at high speed.
13 8 17
KD / 12 Costs HP. Can crossup. Knockdown.
Dpad left.png
Dpad none.png
H44.png Hector jumps back, and attacks.
11 7 7
KD / 12 Costs HP. Invincible til frame 8. Juggles.


Hector's Specials cost 1 HP to use, and give 1 Meter each.

Input Move Description Frame Data Hit/Block stun Notes
Dpad down-right.png
Buttons a.png
H3A.png Hector leaves an afterimage to attack.
9 (9) 15
16 Projectile.
Dpad down-right.png
Buttons b.png
H3B.png Hector bursts forward to slash low.
12 4 10
KD / 8 Low. Juggles.
Dpad down-left.png
Buttons a.png
H1A.png Hector leaps up and slams his sword down.
17 2 18
KD / 12 Overhead. External Hitbox.
Dpad down-left.png
Buttons b.png
H1B.png Hector slashes upwards sending out a shockwave.
5 5 21
KD / 15 Invincible for the first 8 frames. Can combo into itself.

Rumble Meter[edit]

Hector's specials take away 1 health when used, and fill his 4 bar meter by 1 each time. He can recover this hp by pressing AB, but any health used after the meter is filled is gone.

Input Move Description Frame Data Notes
Dpad none.png
Buttons ab.png
HAB.png Hector absorbs his life force back from the sword.
19 19
Super Stop. Empties meter and refills used HP.



Midscreen Combos[edit]

j.B > 5A > 5A > 1B

j.B > 5B > 3B > 1B or 2B

(Anti-Air) 1B > 1B or 2B or (1B > 1B) - very height dependent

Corner Combos[edit]

j.B > 5B > 3B > 1B > 5A

j.B > 44 > 5B > 3B > 1B > 5A

Throw > 5A



Hector is a frail glass cannon character who has very powerful special moves that hurt him. His game-plan centers around using those moves effectively and finding time to heal his health back safely.

Hector's normals are slow and laggy. 2B has a lot of range, but if it is jumped over, the opponent gets a full combo.


1B is an amazing all around anti-air: Fast, long-ranged, invulnerable and can combo into itself 1 to 2 times when hitting high up opponents

In neutral, Hector relies on his special moves for mobility and space control.

3A is a stationary projectile which can be used to destroy opponent's fireballs as well as hitting any extended hitboxes the opponent puts out.

3B is a very long ranged and surprisingly quick low that is unsafe unless spaced. It is key to his neutral to know the spacing.

66 has less range than 3B, but is great for hitting opponents who are crouch blocking in anticipation, since it loses to opponents walking forward.

44 has very short range since Hector moves backwards, but the few invulnerability frames it gives at the start help immensely in dodging normals and specials that would hit Hector, but run into his sword instead.

1B is unsafe, but hard to punish at max range. Its invulnerability is great for calling out opponents who want to attack, as it beats almost any offensive option they do.

Hector not only has strong options in neutral, but on offense as well. His 1A and 3B compliment themselves by being a cancel-able overhead and low, although both are unsafe. His 66 is very obnoxious for the opponent to deal with, as they need to block the other way, but it provides little reward for Hector. Hector's j.B if used immediately off the ground is a 16 frame overhead that is only -1 on block and hit, and can be delayed to 22 frames to grant a combo. Hector's 3A is +1 on block, so he can threaten chip after, although it also provides little reward. While the opponent is trying to block all of these options, a simple throw works wonders, especially since it is an option to heal, and a forward throw in the corner allows for a 5A to combo for more damage.

On defense Hector has many options as well. His 1B is a standard invulnerable reversal, but it is very fast and has long range. Its only blind-spot is low attacks, but most don't have the range to out-space it. His 44 is slower, only has invulnerability for the first part of startup, but is only -2 on block and starts a combo on hit. 66 is a great option every once in a while, since it side-swaps out of the corner and beats opponents trying to bait a 1B.

All these options are very strong, but they all cost him health, and healing that health can be a challenge. Hector can get a safe AB after a 2B, 1B, and throw. He can also get if against characters without a fireball at long range. Most other knockdowns either could lead into a 2B or 1B in a combo, or are unsafe to heal after.

Healing with Hector stops much offensive momentum, and if Hector's opponent guesses right on one of his options, he not only gets punished, but not has to find a way to heal while being pressured, which can easily snowball into defeat quickly.

Most Hector's either play it safe and stick to neutral to make getting heals easier or rush the opponent down so they can win before as quickly as possible, although taking on much more risk.


  • Meter: +1 total
    • lowA: increased width
    • back throw: throw velocity has changed
    • neutralAB: new animation, superstop, brand new startup/recovery frames
    • dashForward: -7 active, +7 recovery, now a move that gives meter
    • dashBack: brand new properties, new framedata, now a move that gives meter
    • standB: -4 recovery
    • jumpA: +1 startup, -1 active
    • downForwardB: +2 active, -2 recovery
    • downBackB: +1 recovery
    • downBackA: jump in startup
  • Character completely reworked
  • DownBackB (level2/level3): invuln now lost on recovery
  • Made character playable outside of ranked