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Directional Numpad Notation[edit]

In order to represent directional inputs, you use the numbers from a numpad corresponding to the directions ingame:

7 8 9 
4 5 6 
1 2 3 

Commands are always denoted assuming that you're on the left facing right. Keep in mind that the numpad is mirrored when you face from right to left.


Down+Back: 1

Down+Forward: 3

Forward: 6

Neutral: 5

Button Notation[edit]

When writing down moves and combos, numpad directions combined with a standardized notation can help make them easier to read and understand. Single commands are separated by a space or a >.

j. Jump

A Your A button

B Your B button

xx Cancel: performing the written input immediately after inputting the previous command.

So an example string might appear as j.A > 5A > 5A xx 3A