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Pocket Rumble was released into early access


Patch Version Release Date Summary of Changes
v0.4.5.0[1] April 26th, 2017

v0.4.5.0 Changes[edit]


  • Accidental backdash prevention systems implemented
  • Final round stages + music now on every stage
  • June:
    • DownBackA: increased pushUp
  • Subject 11:
    • Meter: +2 total (no longer goes away with time)
    • Shield: destroyed during first hit of throw
  • Keiko:
    • Q specials: +10 recovery
    • Q hurt: +10 hitstun
    • Q hurtbox: increased width
    • Q downForwardA: -2 active, +2 recovery
    • Q downForwardB: -6 active, +6 recovery
    • Q downBackB: decreased pushUp
    • lowB: increased attackbox height
    • backthrow: -3 recovery
  • Quinn:
    • NeutralAB: now available
    • DownForwardB: decreased pushUp


  • Fixed "two clones with one bar" June bug

EDIT: v0.4.5.1 Patch Notes


  • Fixed savestate issues in training with Quinn in werewolf mode
  • Fixed bug where werewolf Quinn would preblock as normal quinn (no block in werewolf mode)
  • Q no longer is gone after werewolf activation (buggy location atm, will be fixed)

EDIT: v0.4.5.2 Patch Notes

  • Keiko:
    • Q downForwardA: increased pushUp
  • Quinn:
  • LowB: +1 startup
  • Transformation: enemy projectiles no longer dies when time ends
  • LowB(wolf): -8 hitstun


  • Fixed various bugs with Quinn transformation

EDIT: v0.4.5.3 Patch Notes


  • No longer lessons that can become impossible to complete without restart


  • More stable game load with integrated graphics
  • Quinn autocorrect after jump attacks more consistent
  • Dummy swap while in werewolf bug fixed
v0.4.4.0[2] March 7th, 2017

v0.4.4.0 Changes[edit]

  • Keiko:
    • Q now gets stunned for 30 frames longer
    • Q can now be hit on knockdown
    • Q now is pushed back by either side of enemy attack
    • Q knocked down has a lower hurtbox height than standing
    • lowB: -2 active, +2 recovery
    • downForwardA: significantly reduced pushup
    • downBackB: -4 startup, +4 active
    • neutralAB: increased width, can now be done anytime Q is not attacking
    • downForwardB: preblock starts later
    • standB: increased pushback
  • June:
    • neutralAB: recovery +2
  • Subject 11:
    • Increased height on crawl
    • standB: -1 active, +1 recovery, -4 blockstun
    • downForwardB: +4 recovery
    • Reduced distance thrown after throw forward/back
  • Quinn:
    • Increased hit stuns on all air moves
    • You can now press forward to jump far off of a wall cling
    • downForwardA: -2 recovery
    • Minimum height on wallcling increased
    • Maximum wallcling time increased
    • Push-up reduced on downForwardA
    • Push-up reduced on downBackA
    • Increased push-up on standB


  • Quinn prejump on dashes now properly throw invulnerable
  • Fixed Keiko downBackA being unblockable from certain positions
  • p2 throws no longer behave differently from p1 throws on quinn/sub11
  • Q is now treated like projectile to resolve unblockables (Q resolves last)
  • Sub11 timeout while crawling no longer causes severe issues
  • Quinn no longer attacks the wrong way occasionally after walljump
  • Quinn can no longer normal cancel out of sub11 command AA throw

Known Issues[edit]

  • Quinn has no meter/super
  • Some moves turn characters into green boxes
  • Some animations are ugly placeholders
v0.4.3.0[3] February 27th, 2017

v0.4.3.0 Changes[edit]


  • Difficulty option added to VS CPU
  • Keiko: ALL SPECIALS: -10 startup
  • Hector:
    • lowA: increased width
    • back throw: throw velocity has changed
    • neutralAB: new animation, superstop, brand new startup/recovery frames
    • dashForward: -7 active, +7 recovery, now a move that gives meter
    • dashBack: brand new properties, new framedata, now a move that gives meter
    • standB: -4 recovery
    • jumpA: +1 startup, -1 active
    • downForwardB: +2 active, -2 recovery
    • downBackB: +1 recovery
    • downBackA: jump in startup
  • June: Back throw: throw velocity has changed
  • SUB11:
    • Forward/backward throw: frame data and throw velocity has changed
    • DownForwardA: startup +3
    • Crawl: +1 startup, reduction in speed, increased width
  • Quinn:
    • DownForwardA: more pushup
    • DownBackA: more pushup
    • DownForwardB: -1 recovery


  • continue after Arcade mode bugs (multiple) fixed
  • hector SWIPE lesson now properly checks for backdash

Known Issues[edit]

  • Quinn has no meter/super
  • Some moves turn characters into green boxes
  • Some animations are ugly placeholders
v0.4.2.0[4] February 23rd, 2017

v0.4.2.0 Changes[edit]


  • More career ghosts
  • All colors available for all characters


  • NeutralAB: 2 frames more startup, 2 frames more recovery


  • Throw animations now in, frame data has changed
  • Q no longer gets hit by inactive projectiles


  • DownBackA: 1 frame less startup, 3 frames less recovery, 7 frames more blockstun, less pushback


  • DownBackB: No longer throw invulnerable indefinitely after move


  • Fixed crash with June win animation
  • Character leaderboards for ALL characters should now work properly
  • SUB11 can no longer exploit A+B to freeze enemy in throw
  • Q specials come out more consistently (bug made them occasionally delayed up to 6 frames)

Known Issues[edit]

  • Quinn has no meter/super
  • Some moves turn characters into green boxes
  • Some animations are ugly placeholders
v0.4.1.0[5] February 19th, 2017

v0.4.1.0 Changes[edit]

  • Keiko:
    • Cat can now get hit on it's wakeup
    • DownBackA attackbox is now lower to the ground


  • Ranked shouldn't be broken anymore (lol)

Known Issues[edit]

  • Quinn has no meter/super
  • Some moves turn characters into green boxes
  • Some animations are ugly placeholders
v0.4.0.0[6] February 18th, 2017

v0.4.0.0 Changes[edit]


  • All modes playable
  • All characters available in ranked


  • All jump moves now have 7 recovery (+1 from last patch)
  • Quinn:
    • StandB: +3 startup, jump arc decreased
    • Only options off wall now: A or B or down(drop off)
    • You can attack in dash-hop
    • JumpA: New move
    • JumpB: New move
    • LowB: New move
    • Neutral A+B: Removed (to be replaced later)
  • June:
    • JumpA: +1 startup, -1 hitstun
    • JumpB: +1 startup, -2 hitstun
    • DownBackA: No more homing, more pushUp
  • Hector:
    • Character has been completely reworked
  • SUB11:
    • Meter amount necessary for armor decreased to 5


  • Bunch of bluescreen fixes

Known Issues[edit]

  • Keiko meter is just a picture
  • Quinn has no meter/super
  • Some moves turn characters into green boxes
  • Some animations are ugly placeholders
  • Keiko downBackB does not have proper shader support
v0.3.8.0[7] October 31st, 2016

v0.3.8.0 Changes[edit]

Dev Note: We focused on hiring new people this month so this particular content update is pretty minimal, sorry guys!


  • Quick taps of upForward/upBack followed by immediate neutral directions now result in jump forward/back rather than neutral jump
  • Quinn:
    • DownBackA: Now has proper attackbox collision priority
    • DownForwardA: Extremely small pushUp reduction, now has proper attackbox collision priority
  • Parker:
    • Lightning frames now pause on superstop
  • Hector:
    • DownBackB (level2/level3): invuln now lost on recovery

EDIT: v0.3.8.1[edit]

  • Quinn:
    • Getting hit in recovery of standB now puts you in standing hitstun


  • SUB11 no longer invisible when crawling
v0.3.7.0[8] September 30th, 2016

v0.3.7.0 Changes[edit]

  • Training: Detailed move data option added
  • Quinn:
    • You can no longer special cancel out of dive attacks
    • StandB: box changed significantly
  • June:
    • LowA: +1 to startup
    • JumpA: +1 to startup
    • DownForwardA: +2 to recovery
    • DownBackA: -8 to blockstun, pushUp reduced
  • Hector:
    • Now playable outside of ranked (WITH TEMPORARY ART!!!)


  • Tap controls while dummy recording now work properly
  • Round1 will not show "again!" incorrectly
  • LOVE2D framework updated, could fix various graphical errors with certain machines
v0.3.6.0[9] September 1st, 2016

v0.3.6.0 Changes[edit]


  • Dummy can no longer block overheads while crouching with block all option enabled
  • Player no longer inherits dummy block options on dummy playback
  • Controllers now appear properly when switching a dummy to a controller


  • Throws and throw tech now have true invulnerability
  • Knockdown frames now universal across the cast
  • You can now block clone projectiles when they are far away (lol)
  • Clone projectiles now collide properly with each other
  • Parker lightning now resolves fairly
  • June:
    • DownbackA added
    • Clone spawn locations die when they go off screen
    • Clones now pushback in the right direction
    • Buffering specials during teleport is now easier
  • SUB11:
    • Meter added
    • Super added
    • DownForwardA is now downBackA
    • New move on downForwardA
    • Throw direction leniency window decreased
    • Dash option added
  • Quinn:
  • Now playable to everyone (WITH TEMPORARY ART!!!!)

EDIT v0.3.6.1[edit]

  • Fixed bluescreen when sub11 blocked with full meter
v0.3.5.0[10] August 3rd, 2016

v0.3.5.0 Changes[edit]


  • Opening the executable with an invite will now directly connect you to the requested game
  • Character swap now requires you to hold A+B for 2 frames (makes accidental character swap less frequent)
  • You can no longer juggle above enemies to cross them up in the corner
  • You now get kicked out of the online sub-menu if you go offline after opening the executable
  • The last 4 frames before landing now count as buffering towards a grounded attack rather than executing your air normal
  • Solo submenu now has a statistics box like the online submenu
  • Resultscreen now shows other characters you used throughout the match (if you character swapped)
  • Pressing B/reject on the resultscreen now brings your cursor to the bottom option like in other menus
  • Projectiles that resolve on the same frame now resolve fairly (p1 used to have advantage)
  • Character select time now only starts after one player picks a character (timer will die if that one player undoes their selection)


  • Methods to prevent ranking resets have been implemented (although a more permanent solution to this problem is still not done)


  • Command throws now show up as blue boxes in training
  • June:
    • Super: Added (with TEMPORARY ART!!!!)
    • Downforward+B: Special added
    • Downback+B (previously was downforward+B): Now has invuln frames
    • Teleport: +4 frames to recovery, ends when teleport preview touches corner
    • Down+B: Second drill now has less pushup
    • Stand+B: Less pushup
  • SUB11:
    • Now playable to everyone (with TEMPORARY ART!!!!)


  • Screenshake no longer persists forever after character swap
  • Hitting June out of teleport recovery no longer crashes the game (lol)

EDIT: v0.3.5.1[edit]

  • Fixed projectiles not colliding with each other
  • Fixed dummy swap crash

EDIT: v0.3.5.2[edit]

  • June:
    • A+B: can only be used with specials now
    • Meter souls come out on block
  • SUB11:
  • DownBackB: Connected grabs have +18 frames to recovery
  • LowB: +2 to recovery, now has standing hurtbox active frames onwards, bigger attackbox
  • StandB: +12 to recovery, now knocksdown
  • Regular throws push up increased


  • Fixed crash with buffered supers on dashes with June
  • Fixed crash when switching from June to another character online
  • Command grabs now tech with each other properly
  • Fixed bug that kept June teleport box alive after being thrown
  • Fixed bug that let command grab attackboxes get hit by projectiles
v0.3.4.0[11] 4 Jun, 2016

v0.3.4.0 Changes[edit]


  • You now fullscreen on the monitor your window is in
  • Game now remembers the monitor you prefer to play on


  • Inputs now behave properly while dummy is controlled by player
  • Fixed bug that caused one controller to control both players
  • Tenchi:
    • Downback+A: knocks higher
  • Naomi:
    • Downback+B: +3 frames to recovery, -1 frames to blockstun, less pushback
    • Downback+A+B: +2 frames to recovery, -1 frames to blockstun, knocks higher, less pushback
    • Downforward+A: +3 frames to recovery, +3 frames to hitstun/blockstun
    • Downforward+A+B: -1 frames to hitstun/blockstun
  • Parker:
    • A+B: +6 frames to recovery
    • Orbs no longer move during superstop
  • June:
    • Takes longer for jA and lowA to reach maximum distance
    • StandB significantly changed
    • Teleport ends when reaching the edge of the camera
    • First drill of lowB pushes back slightly slower


  • Trading while crossing up no longer flips enemies the wrong way when showing their traded active frames
  • You can no longer move up+down when credits/lesson textboxes are open in menus
  • Fixed bug that allowed you to special cancel out of throws (and also crash the game)
  • Landing cancels now follow proper move buffer priority (dashes > jumps > moves)
v0.3.3.0[12] May 25th, 2016

v0.3.3.0 Changes[edit]


  • Landing lag can only be canceled into moves when it connects with the enemy (similar to grounded normals)
  • Hitting buttons on a downward diagonal in the air now mimics the properties of downward diagonal on the ground, allowing you to buffer specials when in the air without whiffing a normal
  • Parry : After parrying an air normal the opponent is put into uncancelable landing lag when they touch the floor allowing for proper follow ups when they land, due to the new system changes.
  • Training: Tap macros now work properly when dummy recording


  • Chip vuln SFXs are now EQ'd better with rest of SFX
  • Timeout SFX is now EQ'd better with rest of SFX


  • Parkers orb explosion SFX now pans properly
  • Chip vuln SFXs now pan properly
  • Screenshake will not persist through loadstates
  • Stages reset their object when a new round starts
  • You can now block attacks without starting preblock frames
  • Leaving unranked no longer shows ranked stats


  • Fixed bug that allowed users to cancel out of knockdown on air trades
  • Parker's silhouette now shows when highlighting random
  • June cannon move slightly changed
v0.3.2.0[13] May 19th, 2016

v0.3.2.0 Patch Notes[edit]


  • A+B moves can now be done on negative edge
  • Air resets now grey the combo counter immediately
  • Airborne targets can now be grounded by ground attacks that happen on the same frame (due to ground attack being resolved last)
  • Characters do not immediately enter hitstun frames during trades


  • Dead attackboxes no longer show up when enemy is hit with projectile
  • Dummies no longer have to turn when on the left side when swapped
  • Last used training options are now loaded even after application restart


  • Tap A / Tap B macro options now available
  • Controller vibration can now be turned off in the options menu
  • B is now reject on all controllers (as long as it isn't bound to the default accept option)
  • Unsupported controllers no longer have a default accept/reject input
  • Reject now kills text prompts in the menu without taking you out of current sub-menu
  • Controllers work while window is unfocused
  • Alt+Enter turn fullscreen on/off
  • SFX now pan left/right channels
  • Music is muted via an unfocused window only while in the main menu


  • Fixed bug that resulted in one controller bound to p1 and p2 in training
  • Effects from previous match no longer show up in background of resultscreen/characterselect
v0.3.1.0[14] 3 May, 2016

v0.3.1.0 Changes[edit]

Patch Notes + Altered Schedule for Content Updates

  • June:
    • An unfinished version of June is now available for everyone to play. You cannot use her in ranked matches (because she is unfinished).


  • You can no longer hit twice on the same frame (projectile collisions always resolve last in double-hit situations). This decision was made to make it more clear what hitstun values will be given in multi-hit situations and to make parrying more consistent.
  • You are now invulnerable to projectiles during the throw tech animation.
  • Tenchi:
    • Being hit during the active frames of downforward+B no longer puts you in a crouching position.
  • Parker:
    • Slapped orbs now move during hitstop.


  • Timing out with active screen-shake no longer causes permanent screen-shake for the rest of the game.

Schedule Update[edit]

Hey everyone! We just got back from having a great time at Indiecade! Big thanks to Josh Melnick, Persia, and Skisonic for the eSports showcase, thanks to everyone who came out and played Pocket Rumble with us, and thanks to everybody at the event who chatted with us, etc.

First of all, June is going to be playable to all Pocket Rumble players now! However, we have decided to slightly alter our approach to releasing content updates just for approximately the next month because we are taking the game to Combo Breaker at the end of May and we want the game to be in as presentable and impressive a state as possible when we take it to our first big FGC event.

So what that means is: Originally June was going to be our first character to release in a sort of incomplete state with some placeholder animations, etc. and that's pretty much how the rest of the characters were going to release from here on out, continuing on the schedule of one character a month. But now we've decided we want to polish up June and have some other new content like stages and music ready for Combo Breaker.

So we are releasing the incomplete version of June for all of you to check out today, but she is not yet playable in ranked mode. Then over the course of the next month, rather than moving on to the next character, we are instead going to fully finish up and polish June, release a complete version of her to use in ranked mode, and add some more stages and music in time for Combo Breaker. Then, after Combo Breaker we will resume our original one-character-per-month schedule with somewhat incomplete characters.

I think overall you guys will probably like the results of this. It's a relatively small change to the schedule and it gets another fully polished character in the game sooner, and it gets a bunch of new stages and themes in the game so you guys no longer have to hear the same song over and over again.

So thanks for your patience, and hope to see some of you at Combo Breaker!

v0.3.0.0[15] 25 Mar, 2016

v0.3.0.0 Changes[edit]

New Character[edit]

  • Parker is now playable for everyone! He also zapped a few bugs along the way.


  • Individual character leaderboards now live!
  • Timer now blinks red during the last 10 seconds


  • Colors no longer bug out when you swap characters
  • Win rates should be accurate online now
  • Some errors no longer take you out of ranked queue (like opponents failing to connect with you)
  • Backing out of training while selecting the dummy character no longer forces the controller select screen
  • Dust is now synced over GGPO (dust will be in correct places more often)
  • Final round music plays even if you timeout on the round before

EDIT: v0.3.0.1[edit]

  • Fixed various matchmaking bugs
  • Character rankings no longer go up/down in unranked
  • Blue color for all characters
  • Characters you can't play are darkened in character select
  • Players leaving during fastforward don't break the resultscreen anymore
v0.2.4.0[16] March 1st, 2016

v0.2.4.0 Changes[edit]

New Character[edit]

  • Parker: Now playable for alpha backers (Kickstarter TIER 7) unranked and offline. He is currently unfinished and will be released for everyone later in the month.


  • There is no longer corner pushback after landing from jump moves. To make combos easier
  • You can no longer tech throws if the A button is held down
  • Jump moves now have recovery, which continue to exist even if you land, although you may cancel into anything (you can't move forward, move backward, or block). To remove safejumps
  • Naomi: Downback+B special has one frame less of startup, one less frame of active, and one more frame of recovery. Amount of invuln frames decreased.


  • Dummy inputs reset on knockdown, hitstun, and blockstun
  • "DUMMY PLAY" icon now visually displays how far into the recording you are
  • Various dummy input bugs have been fixed
  • Start will no longer unbind your hotkey in the hotkey menu


  • Winning player can fastforward through their win animation by pressing start (fastforward will be delayed if losing player still has option to swap)
  • Losing player can press start at the end of rounds to give up swap option


  • Invite system is slightly more functional


  • Program has been optimized to run better online
  • Program no longer uses 100% of designated CPU core
  • Program window requests attention when player needs to accept ping from matchmaking

Stealth Updates[edit]

  • March 3rd 10:40AM (EST): fixed matchmaking bug that would not widen Elo rank range
  • March 3rd 3:06PM (EST): invite system is now MUCH more functional
  • March 3rd 10:10PM (EST): fixed bug that made online in fullscreen impossible (now on v0.2.4.1)
  • March 8th 2:00 AM (EST): fixed bug that made an errorbox appear when you left a ranked match
  • March 12th 2:27 PM (EST): sound options have been recoded and sound bugs that caused the game to be louder than it should be have been fixed. Fixed picking dummy character in training forcing you to leave if pressing reject. Unfocusing the window causes music to go silent
  • March 16th 3:41 PM (EST): fixed problem that caused A + S on keyboards to do incorrect inputs. Fixed throw tech issue that made StandB tech all throws.
v0.2.3.3[17] February 8th, 2016

v0.2.3.3 Changes[edit]




  • When players reject a ping value in ranked, all pings greater than that value are blocked for a short period of time
  • Players block each other in matchmaking after a ranked match for a short period of time
  • More accurate ping value colors
  • Increased Elo points filter range in ranked queue
  • Ping now takes priority over Elo points in ranked queue
  • Ping can no longer be greater than 200 in ranked queue (at least when the match is first found)
February 6th, 2016

Initial Early Access Release[edit]