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June is Pocket Rumble's most powerful zoner. With ghostly limbs that can reach across the screen and an array of projectiles, she can pester her opponents from a safe distance. She gains meter by collecting soul gems knocked out of her opponents, and can use it to create a clone of her last used special. She is the only character who can teleport across the stage.



Input Move Description Frame Data Hit/Block stun Notes
Dpad none.png
Buttons a.png
4 4 3
Dpad none.png
Buttons b.png
J5B.png June turns her hair into a giant saw.
7 8 16
KD / 16 Knockdown
Dpad down.png
Buttons a.png
J2A.png June shoots her spear-hair out in a long range attack.
7 11 12
16 Low, 4 lengths in total (middle 2 not shown)
Dpad down.png
Buttons b.png
J2B.png June generates hair drills from the ground. Hits twice.
8 12 16
KD / 12 Low, Knockdown
Dpad up.png
Buttons a.png
JJA.png June shoots her spear-hair out from the air.
9 10 7
15 3 hitbox positions in total (middle not shown)
Dpad up.png
Buttons b.png
JJB.png June makes a spike-web from her hair and plunges on the opponent.
10 6 7


Input Move Description Frame Data Notes
Dpad right.png
Buttons b.png
Forward Throw Slams the opponent into the ground twice.
2 11
Dpad left.png
Buttons b.png
Backward Throw Slams the opponent into the ground before throwing backwards.
2 11


June's dash is a teleport. Her Hurtbox remains at the original location until the teleport is complete.

Input Move Description Frame Data Notes
Dpad right.png
Dpad none.png
J66.png June projects part of herself forward.
7 - 13
Dash can go indefinitely until hitting a wall
Dpad left.png
Dpad none.png
J44.png June projects part of herself backward.
7 - 13
Dash can go indefinitely until hitting a wall


Input Move Description Frame Data Hit/Block stun Notes
Dpad down-right.png
Buttons a.png
J3A.png June takes her head off and sends it as a projectile.
21 20
20 Flies in a wave pattern
Dpad down-right.png
Buttons b.png
J3B.png June's head spins off before slamming down again.
20 13
KD / 20 Knockdown. Very delayed overhead
Dpad down-left.png
Buttons a.png
J1A.png June's head rolls off and chomps from the floor below.
16 (5) 20
KD / 19 Knockdown. Low. Cannot hit juggled opponents
Dpad down-left.png
Buttons b.png
J1B.png June turns into a cannon and shoots her head upward. Anti-Air.
7 32
KD / 25 Invincible, Knockdown, doesn't hit crouching characters.

Rumble Meter[edit]

Every time June lands an attack on an opponent, a soul wisp pops out. After collecting five of these, June can clone her last used special.

Input Move Description Frame Data Notes
Dpad none.png
Buttons ab.png
JAB.png A June clone copies the last used special.
Clone projectiles do not interact with other projectiles



Midscreen Combos[edit]

j.B > 5A > 5A > 1B

j.B > 2B > 1B

1A > 2B > 1B

Corner Combos[edit]

j.B > 1A > 2B > 1B - j.B must hit as low as possible

j.B > 2B > AB > 2B > 1B

j.B 2B > AB (1B) > 5B > 2B > 1B

1A > 2B > AB > 5B > 2B > 1B



June is a zoner who wants to keep the opponent out with her variety of projectiles and long ranged normals. If she can get a good setup going, she can also have a deadly offense.

June's j.A and 2A are some of the best normals in the game, each going around half screen, and needing to be blocking in opposite ways. j.A can be punished on block or hit if used immediately after a jump if close enough, but delaying it makes it less surprising. Since both are light normals, they can be beaten by the opponents heavy normals and specials. June's heavy normals are also very good, but are better for mid-ranged opponents rather than far away ones.


1B is invulnerable, covers a good diagonal angle, and stays out for a long time as a projectile, allowing it to cover jumps before they happen. It does have trouble with far jumps and cross-up jumps however.

5B and 2B are better for farther jumps with 5B being more consistent of the two. They can be canceled into specials on hit, allowing for a better reward on hit in the form of a setup or combo

June's projectiles all help her in different ways and it is important to master their situational uses.

3A is the most standard of them, being a slow to come out, but fast to recovery mid projectile. It goes up and down in a sine wave pattern, so it can be trickier to get around than straight on projectiles. Due to how slow it is, it is great at controlling the space ahead of June and allowing her to approach behind it if she wishes. Using 3A again while one is out causes the one out to disappear, which can be useful for a fake-out, especially against Parker's parries.

3B is useful in her offense, as it is a very delayed overhead projectile.Poking with 2A or 2B right before it hits is a very strong and hard to block. It is also very good at stopping an opponent's approach due to its stationary and delayed nature.

1A is a low launcher that is relatively quick to come out and safe on block. It is difficult to combo into, but is very rewarding on hit.

1B is a quick diagonal projectile with a lot of active frames. If used after a 3A, is creates an almost impenetrable wall of projectiles the opponent needs to respect, allowing June to approach without fear.

Although her projectiles are very good, they are slow to come out and laggy, so setting them up in neutral can be a challenge.

2A and 5B have the most block-stun of her normals, so they are the best to cancel into projectiles off of. Against a newer opponent, 2A into a projectile is an easy way to start pressure, but a knowledgeable opponent will be ready to hit June out of the projectile's lag. Both 3A and 3B are very risky, as they leave her very open, but 1A's much quicker startup only leaves a 1 frame gap for the opponent to act before it hits, and 1A is only -1 on block. 1A is safe but not very rewarding on block, but 3A and 3B are risky but rewarding, so be sure to be unpredictable. Do be aware that raw 2A is safe, so don;t be afraid to not cancel at all.

June's meter requires her to collect wisps that appear near where an attack connects with the opponent, requiring June to approach to take advantage of the power of clone.

Clone automatically appear at June's location when she uses a special move with her meter full. Pressing AB will cause June to pause for a few frames, and for the clone to perform whatever special was used last. Clone's projectiles don't interact with other projectiles, so even projectile characters need to respect it. It is also very non-committal in neutral, so she can easily get a clone 3A out whenever. Clone is also used for her big combos, although they are a bit hard to set up in a match.

June's dash allows her to send out a projection of herself that she teleports to when released. It can be used to mix up the direction the opponent needs to block a full-screen 3A, or to escape the corner while being protected by projectiles.a

June's defense is not very good, since her only reversal is duck-able, and has a blind spot right above her. She often can be subject to very nasty setups because of this, so its best to be as careful as possible with her to not get into those situations.


    • DownBackA: increased pushUp
    • Fixed "two clones with one bar" bug
  • NeutralAB: recovery +2
  • DownBackA: 1 frame less startup, 3 frames less recovery, 7 frames more blockstun, less pushback
    • JumpA: +1 startup, -1 hitstun
    • JumpB: +1 startup, -2 hitstun
    • DownBackA: No more homing, more pushUp
    • LowA: +1 to startup
    • JumpA: +1 to startup
    • DownForwardA: +2 to recovery
    • DownBackA: -8 to blockstun, pushUp reduced
    • DownbackA added
    • Clone spawn locations die when they go off screen
    • Clones now pushback in the right direction
    • Buffering specials during teleport is now easier
    • A+B: can only be used with specials now
    • Meter souls come out on block
    • Super Added
    • Downforward+B: Special added
    • Downback+B (previously was downforward+B): Now has invuln frames
    • Teleport: +4 frames to recovery, ends when teleport preview touches corner
    • Down+B: Second drill now has less pushup
    • Stand+B: Less pushup
    • Takes longer for jA and lowA to reach maximum distance
    • StandB significantly changed
    • Teleport ends when reaching the edge of the camera
    • First drill of lowB pushes back slightly slower
  • Cannon move slightly changed
  • Parker parry no longer kills teleporting
  • Added unfinished version as a playable character.[1]


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