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Gameplay Bugs/Glitches[edit]

Match Applicable[edit]

OTG Glitch[edit]

Parker has a parry on his AB special. When it parries something the opponent is programmed to lose their invulnerability no matter what. If a projectile is parried as the opponent is on the ground they become vulnerable to attacks when they normally cannot be hit. Although the game doesn't count it as a combo the opponent cannot block. Parker is the only one who can activeate the glitch and can do so against himself, June, Tenchi, and most frequently, Keiko, due to her being able to attack with her cat when while being hit or thrown.

Hitting the opponent as they are bouncing on the ground will result in an air hit, however, once they are getting up in the animation they are grounded but not throwable:



If two attacks hit an opponent in the same frame, Pocket Rumble will make their hitstops play one after another while still being on the same gameplay frame.

This was to prevent an overhead attack and low attack hitting on the same frame from being completely unblockable, like many other games.

If a projectile and normal attack hit on the same frame the normal's hitstop will resolve first. If it is two projectiles that hit, the one created first will resolve first.

Things like damage and animation are changed between each hitstop, but many other things are not updated. This means that if a normal move that lauches and a projectile that doesn't hit on the same frame, even though the launching move hits first, the non-launching move overides it and the opponent is left standing.

This glitch is mainly used for combos not normally possible. The main benifactor is June with her down forward A madusa head, hence the name. Typically it is impossible to combo her standing B into her down back A launcher for 2 reasons: 1. It launches 2. there isn't enough hitstun to combo even if it didn't launch. By using Junebug she can cancel into down back A off of stand B but the stand B's launch is overidden with down forward A's non-launching and greater hitstun, allowing the combo to work:


the glitch is mainly setup when the opponent is getting up from a knockdown, but can be done with perfect timing.

Besides June and her down forward A + stand B, Parker and his down back B + crouch B is another combo that allows him to convert a long ranged low into a full combo.

Another effect of Junebug and projectiles in general is that they stop all pushback the attacking character has when hitting in the corner, which can allow more than 2 jabs to chain and other 'impossible combos'

Reverse Junebug[edit]

Reverse Junebug is very similar to normal Junebug in its application and cause, but allows the disruption of the normal priority of which attack's hitstop resolve first.

This is done by abusing that fact that the size of the opponent's hurtbox during the hitstop of a launching move is taller than a crouching hitbox.

To set it up, have a launching move hit a crouching opponent while a non-launching move is right where the opponent's hurtbox 'would' be if they were standing. The latter attack is usually a jumping normal:


What will happen then is that the launching move will hit, but during the hitstop the opponent will suddenly overlap with the second attack. The rest acts like normal Junebug, where the second attack's properties override the first's, keeping the opponent grounded.

This version of the bug is much harder to pull off, but its main use is in Keiko's max damage combo. June and Parker can utilize it, but to not as great an effect.

Double Clone Glitch[edit]

This is a June specific glitch that allows a clone to be created right after using another clone. This is done by first setting up a clone with her down forward B normally. Then if June activates the clone and immediately uses down forward A or down forward B, a clone of whatever move she used will remain and all her meter will be gone. June can also perform down back A if she delays it a little bit after activating clone or down back B if she delays the move until about when her head from the down forward B reaches its peak.


This clone will remain in the same spot even if June uses other specials. If June gains full meter back with the glitched clone still there it will start acting normal again. Using the clone will cause June's meter icon to bug, making it unable to show correct meter values until it is full.

The clone can be activated like normal, and will not use up any meter as long as June's meter is not full.

This bug can be performed any time, but hitstop messes with it. Canceling into clone activation immediately doesn't perform the glitch, but canceling into it late does. Projectiles hitting during the setup also make it not work. When performing this in training mode, turning on slow motion will prevent the glitch to activate

Negative Edge Normals[edit]

Negative edge refers to a technique in some fighting games where special moves can be done with the release of a button.

In Pocket Rumble, when the player holds diagonal down and presses a button, they must hold it for 7 frames to get a special move out, during those frames no move comes out. If they player releases the button or stops holding diagonal down, the game is programed to act like the button held was just pressed.

Normally this isn't too noticeable. However, Keiko's special move 'charge' state lasts from the minimum of normal specials to whenever her cat performs the desired special. If the cat is out of health then this state lasts as long as the input is held, allowing this technique to be much more apparent.

Kara Cancels[edit]

To make performing AB easier, the game allows the first frame of a normal A or B attack to can inturrupted into AB. (Called a 'kara' cancel in fighting games) For most characters this does nothing but increase the startup of their AB while adding a sound effect, but for Quinn his 2B moves him forward a miniscule amount in the first frame.

An actual use comes when the standing B move is canceled while holding a direction. This action will count as a throw tech, but will not perform the stand B like normal.

Useful examples: Parker, whose parry will come out and possibly parry moves even if the defending player expected a throw. June, who will cancel into her 5 frame total AB with a clone coming out. Keiko who will blow up Q, which doesn't have an animation so only the first frame of stand B is vulnerable. Note that in Keiko's case, Q will only blow up if the stand B comes out, but not for a sucessful throw tech.

Keiko AB buffering[edit]

If Keiko uses an A special move and holds the A button, then holds the B button, then Keiko will constantly be buffering A specials as long as both buttons are held. If the direction held is no longer diagonal down, Keiko will perform a B move, but if both buttons are let go of at the same time, she will perform an A one instead.

Phantom Cat Hit[edit]

Keiko's cat, Q does not behave like all other attacks in the game when it comes to hitstop. Players and projectiles freeze, but Q doesn't. Players are also invulnerable during hitstop, meaning that it is possible for one of Q's attacks to whiff right over an opponent if the final few active frames that would have hit occur during hitstop.


Wolf Teleportation[edit]

If a character trades blows with Quinn's Wolf form, they will teleport to the other side of Quinn during the detransformation stage keeping the same distance on the other side if possible.

This only works if the Quinn is player 2


Quinn Throw-Invulnerability Stance[edit]

If Quinn dashes off of a wall by either pressing down or away from the wall while clinging onto it, and does not use an air attack on the way down, he will maintain his throw-invulnerability until he: Jumps, blocks, gets hit, or is knocked down through wolf's ending. Dropping off the wall by pressing nothing does not activate the glitch.

June Dash Inturrupt[edit]

This is a glitch exclusive to June against Quinn. If Quinn activates his wolf form when June's dash projectile is on screen, the projectile is deleted. This is normally not possible due to the projectile's lack of a hitbox to collide with an opponent or other projectile. June's dash teleports her to the projectile, and the 'endTeleport' function that ends her dash returns without doing anything if there is no projectile, leading to her being stuck:


The next step in the code is to decide what will happen after she teleports. To do this, whenever the boolean 'runCancel' is set to true, the game checks for any input that was the cause of the end of the dash and creates an 'endMove' function for the current move; if 'endTeleport' worked correctly the move would be 'dashRecovery', but since it did not, the move it is created for is something else. 'runCancel' is normally set to false in 'endTeleport' but outside of that it is naturally set to false when being hit, so if the opponent hits June before she inputs any attacks then no long-term effects occur. If june inputs something, the move she created an 'endMove' function for is 'teleporting'. Once that function is called, and she executes the move, 'runCancel' is still true, so any buttons pressed during another move will create yet another 'endMove' function.

This is most easily explained with an example of June pressing B first, and then pressing B during her standB. This creates an 'endMove' function for standB to do another standB, creating an infinite loop of standB usage. These 'endMove' functions can be overidden as long as 'runCancel' is still true.

If June is then hit, 'runCancel' becomes false, but the 'endMove' functions remain. They are never reset unless a move has a pre-defined one, so the only way to get rid of them is to completely reset the fight; no new round will save her.

Only normals and specials can be made to be executed during an 'endMove' function, and with frame-perfect timing a neutralAB can be done as well. However, after the first neutralAB use the game will crash as it tries to call on a non-existent June ghost.

Training Mode Only[edit]

Throw Swap Glitches[edit]

By hitting the 'swap character' button while parker is throwing someone, unlike all other normal throws, the characters will swap.

If the swapped character is the parker doing the throwing, then the character getting thrown will be stuck in the "getting thrown while being shocked" state and will be a hunched over floating invulnerable skeleton.


If the character getting thrown is swapped, the game crashes

During Subject 11's down back B throw, Subject 11 is swapped out, the opponent will become non-solid but vulnerable, being able to move and attack, but able to walk through opponents until they are hit, block something or are thrown.

Turbo Gltich[edit]

After doing the previously mentioned throw swap glitch with Parker, by swapping him out as he is throwing someone, they become frozen in a "getting thrown while being shocked" state. By interrupting this state, the opponent's animation timer is never properly reset and they animate twice as fast normal. This leads to almost every move being able to be used in combos, and other wacky effects like jump attacks happening multiple times a jump.

On the PC version, the cheatcode 'c h i p' can be typed, which will cause the round to end, which frees the stuck player without properly restoring them, which activates the glitch.


On the Switch version (connecting a usb keyboard does not seem to allow cheatcodes :( ) the previously mentioned 'OTG glitch' must be used to get rid of the invulnerability that the stuck character has. Due to this only Keiko and June can be freed, by using the Cat's specials and Clone projectiles respectively for Parker to parry. For some reason, June only doesn't become restored correctly if she is knocked down out of the state, not hit by non-launching move while Keiko will become turbo either way.

Infinite Sliding Hitstun[edit]

If Parker hits a character in the previously mentioned turbo state they will slide away as normal for a bit, then slide back with increasing speed, untill parker is teleported to the other side of the stage. Parker will then be teleported back if he gets too close, although 'too close' gets closer to the affected character over time. They also will never leave hitstun and can be hit again to start it over.


Knocking them down or hitting them with someone other than Parker unsticks them, and throwing them reverts them to normal.

Cat Graveyard[edit]

If Keiko's cat is killed in training mode with 'meter refill' turned off and then 'meter refill' is turned on, the old cat's body will remain on the ground and a new cat will spawn.


This can be repeated.

Health Restore Disrupt[edit]

Swapping characters before player 1's health can restore in training mode will prevent it from restoring until the next restore. This can allow combos and attacks to KO in training mode

Infinite Round End[edit]

If a character is KOed during training mode and is hit after the initial KO, usually by a multi-hit move (not a throw, however), then the game will softlock with both characters standing for eternity. This can be saved with the cheatcode 'c h i p' on the PC version

Non-Gameplay Bugs/Glitches[edit]

Character Select Broken Sound[edit]

On the switch verion of pocket rumble, mashing the directions on the character select screen hard enough causes the sound to break, and the character select theme will not stop playing, cannot be lowered with the in-game sound menu, and no other sounds play until the game is reset.

Misc Visual Bugs/Glitches[edit]

There are many instances of the UI bugging such as round count's not appearing, health being on the wrong frame and more. These do not affect gameplay and have a variety of causes that may be fleshed out later.