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Parker is a defensive character who turns his oppenents' momentum against them. His meter is a parry that he can miss three times before being unable to parry. Parker cannot regain meter during a round without landing a successful parry.



Input Move Description Frame Data Hit/Block stun Notes
Dpad none.png
Buttons a.png
4 2 5
Dpad none.png
Buttons b.png
9 6 16
Dpad down.png
Buttons a.png
5 5 4
14 low
Dpad down.png
Buttons b.png
8 3 12
KD / 21 low, very plus on block
Dpad up.png
Buttons a.png
6 4 7
Dpad up.png
Buttons b.png
9 5 7


Input Move Description Frame Data Notes
Dpad right.png
Buttons b.png
Forward Throw Hits the opponent, then throws them forward.
2 19
Dpad left.png
Buttons b.png
Backward Throw Hits the opponent, then throws them backward.
2 14


Parker's dash is a dodge roll.

Input Move Description Frame Data Notes
Dpad right.png
Dpad none.png
Forward Dash Parker rolls forward.
- - 20
Distance: P66.png Invincible frames 3-14
Dpad left.png
Dpad none.png
Back Dash Parker rolls back
- - 17
Distance: P44.pngInvincible frames 1-11


Input Move Description Frame Data Hit/Block stun Notes
Dpad down-right.png
Buttons a.png
P3A.png Parker swipes his arm.
12 8 10
22 External hitbox
Dpad down-right.png
Buttons b.png
P3B.png Parker does two palm slaps.
15 15 18
KD / 16 , 12 2 hits. Overhead. First hit is duckable.

Immune to throws frame 1

Dpad down-left.png
Buttons a.png
P1A.png Parker makes an orb.
9 18
Dpad down-left.png
Buttons b.png
P1B.png Parker makes an orb, then tosses it up.
9 20
Orb becomes active 38 frames after move ends.

Disappears if Parker is hit before frame 13

Dpad down-left.png
Dpad none.png
Detonate Parker makes a lightning chain between orbs.
46 / 24 Freezes opponent in the air on air connect

Forces stand on grounded connect

Rumble Meter[edit]

Parker starts the round with 3 chunks of meter. Using his parry uses up a meter and parrying anything gives him back the meter

Input Move Description Frame Data Notes
Dpad none.png
Buttons ab.png
PAB.png Parries all attacks and projectiles
16 15
Parried opponent frozen 5 frames longer than Parker



j.A or j.B > 5B > 3B

2A > 3A

(Orb Set) j.A or j.B > 5A > 5A > 1A > 5B > 3B

(Orb Set) 1B > Throw > 3B



Parker is all about control. He can control the pace of the match with his orbs, his variety of plus on block moves allow him to be in control on offense, and his powerful but specific defensive options allows him to even maintain some control when the opponent is on offense.

Parker's normals are very good. His 2B is fast to come out and recover as well as being very plus on block. His 5B is slower, but is much longer ranged and better for neutral.


Parker's normals and specials are very bad for anti-airing, as most of them don't hit above him at all and the ones that do are slow and hard to use on reaction. They can work, but lose if the opponent uses a jump normal.

5B is fine for most long distance jumps, and can be canceled into 1A on hit to set up an orb.

3A is slower, but its external hitbox makes it less likely to trade with jump normals at a distance.

Parker's rolls are interesting anti-airs as they rely on the opponent having landing recovery Parker can take advantage of by causing them to whiff. Forward roll is better at this because the opponent might not expect to need to block the other way. They are tricky to time correctly however, especially on reaction.

Parry compliments is lack of good anti-airs by scaring the opponent from using jump normals out of fear of being parried.

Parker's Orbs are set up by his 1A and 1B. 1A sets one at ground level immediately and 1B sets one up high very delayed. The safest way to get them up is at a distance, after a knockdown, or after a heavy normal. A set orb cannot go off-screen, but a B orb starting up can be canceled by moving it offscreen as a fake-out. Parker's 3A and 3B interact with the A and B orbs respectively. They launch them about half screen.

Parker's 3A is a slow but long ranged poke that is plus on block, chips, and is external, meaning that its hitbox cannot be hit. It is great for ending block-strings or combos on a crouching opponent.

3B is an overhead with a duck-able first hit. It has some surprise factor in neutral, but is mostly used to end combos and chip opponents for a KO. It is very unsafe, but when spaced some characters can't punish very well.

In neutral, Parker's main goal is to get an orb behind the opponent. This allows Parker to threaten a reaction 1A and very strong combos from even full-screen away, allowing him to make his opponents too afraid to take action.

On offense Parker uses his 2B, 2A, 5A, 3A and 1A to get plus frames to continue pressure or go for a throw. If Parker has a B orb starting up, he can go for a jump normal instantly off the ground that will combo into the Orb hit allowing for combos off an unreactable overhead, although a knockdown is usually needed to set this up. Parker's 2B is amazing to use when an opponent is getting up, as it is +6 on block and has long range.

On defense Parker doesn't have one tool for the job like most characters, but multiple specialized tools. Parry is a very strong option against opponents who want to attack Parker a lot. Be aware that it is very punishable, and Parker only has 3 times to miss. Forward roll doesn't have invulnerability frame 1, but beats normal throws and can cross-up the opponent, allowing him to get out of the corner. Parker's back roll is invulnerable frame 1 but has him retreating, keeping him on the defensive. Keep in mind that all of these options can be baited and punished by the opponents, but the threat of one can allow another to slip through, or even an unconventional option that the opponent didn't consider.


  • Lightning frames now pause on superstop
  • Lightning now resolves fairly
    • A+B: +6 frames to recovery
    • Orbs no longer move during superstop
  • Parkers orb explosion SFX now pans properly
  • Slapped orbs now move during hitstop.
  • Made character playable for everyone
  • Made unfinished character playable for alpha backers (Kickstarter TIER 7) unranked and offline modes.